Meet Hank Butitta, an architecture graduate student who got tired of paying rent.

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.do not take my pictures.

if anyone does we will get your blog R E M O V E D.

Calm down bitch! Nobody wants to take your picture of that not even dank weed 😂

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Remember back in 5th grade, when everyone vowed not to ever do drugs

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MM Expert Marijane Gray with Marilyn’s actual iconic white bathing suit from her 1957 photo shoot with Sam Shaw. Marijane is a modern us size six (uk size ten) and it is too small for her. Of course all sizes and shapes are beautiful, but this is a reminder that you can be petite and have curves, which is the proportion of your body shape, not your weight.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ way to bring down all the girls that felt good before…

Sorry not sorry that reality offends you. If something so small makes you so insecure, MAYBE you should work on your body to make it up to standards so you don’t feel as bad. Will help your health AND confidence.

alysoonnicole shut the fuck up!
Marilyn Monroe was huge into fitness! she worked out and ate big breakfasts, she did cardio and lifted weights. she loved her body and didn’t compare it to someone else’s! 
you and all your “fat acceptance” people who throw skinny and fit people under the bus to make yourselves feel better could learn from the real her! 

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i despise country music so hard like i will be singing any song at the top of my lungs but as soon as someone turns on country music i sit down and fold my arms and don’t make eye contact with anyone

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